First Class Rotorua


“You don’t need a bulldozer to crack a nut.” When looking for an accountant, business owners need to ensure they are getting the range and level of expertise that meets their business needs at an appropriate price.

A mix of corporate accounting and chartered accountancy experience, coupled with a NZ Diploma in Business and Bachelor of Business Studies qualifies Vanessa to be able to offers a comprehensive range of compliance and management accounting services.

Working with a smaller firm such as First Class Accounts Rotorua I believe in building strong relationships engaging with you in and on your business throughout each step of the process. Our size means that we can be more flexible and are able to tailor services to meet your needs - rather than a one size fits all approach.  As an accountant running a small practice I am a small business owner just like you, I understand first hand many of the issues facing your business.

Wherever possible we establish the value of our services to our clients at the start of the relationship and charge accordingly. Our prices are not driven by charging out our time on each and every interaction with our clients but is more customer focused and based on delivering value to you. An upfront assessment of the value of our services means no surprise bills along the way!

Here’s what Dave Umbers, Director/Principal/Salesperson at HBRE Limited trading as VIP Realty had to say:

“Vanessa is our accountant and she provides a service just like her company name, First Class. She is accurate, quick to provide information and extremely good to work with. Anyone considering reviewing their financial planning and accounting should seek Vanessa out.”

Call in and see Vanessa today, at her office alongside Patterson O’Connor Motorcycles on the corner of White and Marguerita Streets.